Thursday, 14 June 2007

Welcome to Adam

9th June, 06:39am. Adam Walker born, LGI. It was a water birth, and fast. Very fast. From waters breaking to coming back home with mother and baby was 10 hours. To add to fast, we've also got large. He was 9lb 10.5oz. Now, I'm no woman, but that's got to hurt. Iwon't dwell on it; it's not my place.

Welcome to my second little boy. There are three of us here who are proud, adoring and willing to do your every bidding. We love you.

Amazing how much the brain allows you to forget about newborns, but 6 days in, and it's all come flooding back, in full technicolour. Still, we've hardly started: wait until I'm back to work, then I can completely rework my definition of tiredness.

I wouldn't swap it for the world. There's nothing more amazing than a new person. I haven't the words to express it here, but it takes my breath away.

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