Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Methotrexate Diaries II

.....and we're into week 2.

More lovely little yellow pills down my neck. Why eight? Why not one big one? I imagine it's probably to allow finer dosage control and so they don't have to make different sized tablets, but still...

No side effects so far, apart from the crushing boredom of alcohol abstention. If, like me, you are an avid drinker, you may find the tools at http://www.drinkaware.co.uk/tips-and-tools/drink-diary/ useful. I spent some of my Saturday evening this weekend measuring out wine in a jug and doing unit calculations. Pathetic. It's enough to make a fellow cut it out altogether.

I also spent an unusually sober evening watching New Model Army. It was surprisingly tolerable; just not as enjoyable as when I've had a nice lovely leathering of booze.

It's supposed to be up to 3 months before I'm likely to notice a difference from this course of drugs. Last weeks my achilles was as painful as it's been in a while, so roll on 3 month's time. Jeez. It's not healthy to wish one's life away like this. Not healthy at all.

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